Transaction Planning and

Objective Advice from Wall Street Veterans

Financial transactions can play a vital role in the course of a company.
But the choices can be confusing, and there are often multiple transaction
alternatives for any given corporate objective.

Moreover, most transaction service providers work on a success fee basis. 
This can make it difficult for many advisors to resist promoting a transaction,
particularly the type in which they happen to specialize.  Finally, because
transactions may not be a routine part of a company’s business, a
company’s financial staff – no matter how smart or talented – may lack
the expertise or experience to sift through alternatives and select the right
transaction and the right investment banker to complete the transaction. 

France Strategic Partners offers an objective, independent source of
assistance to help you plan your transaction strategy and determine the
correct course of action for your company.  Because we don't execute
the transactions, we can be candid and objective. We’ll give you straight
feedback on the pros and cons of each alternative and how it fits with your company’s goals and particular profile.  We will also tell you if you need to undertake certain organizational steps first in order to properly prepare for a transaction. We can even help you select the investment banking firm best suited to execute your particular transaction. Then you can confidently
enter into any transaction from a position of strength and have the ability
to sustain gains over the long-term.

Financial transactions are significant, expensive, and time-consuming
events for any company. Let France Strategic Partners help you through
the process.

Can you afford to go it alone?